How to integrate Costlocker with Basecamp

Kamil SkramuskýKamil Skramuský
Mar 20, 2017

You know how it is. You need to give people work attach the assignment, source files and discuss the progress of the project with them and the client. There are many great tools that can take care of all this. One of these is Basecamp. You also have to keep track of the project budget. Know at all times exactly how much money remains for the project, when and how much you will be invoicing or the current cost intensity and profitability. This is what Costlocker is for. A tool that gives you a complete financial overview of projects, clients and people at the company. And this is why we have connected Costlocker to Basecamp.

Costlocker Basecamp — Benefits of connecting

  • As soon as you create a project in Costlocker, it is automatically created in Basecamp as well, eliminating the need to create the project twice.
  • Activities / roles and tasks assigned within the project budget in Costlocker are automatically transcribed into Basecamp as To Do lists.
  • If you change anything in the project budget in Costlocker in the course of the project, the change will instantly be reflected in Basecamp.

How to connect Costlocker and Basecamp

Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner and choose Settings.

Tenant user menu

Choose the Basecamp tab and click on Connect to Basecamp.

Basecamp integration

Login to your account in Basecamp.

Basecamp-sign in

Confirm that you want to connect Costlocker to Basecamp.

Basecamp integration-in progres

That’s it. If everything went well, you will see the name of your account in Basecamp.

Basecamp&Costlocker integration

How to move a project from Costlocker to Basecamp

Click on the last Basecamp tab in the project.

  1. If you have several accounts in Basecamp, choose the account you want to move the project to.
  2. Choose whether you want to add this project to an existing project in Basecamp (only the new To Do lists will be added) or whether this project should be newly created in Basecamp in the format Client | Project name (ID) and the Responsible Person will appear in the description.

Project export to basecamp

As soon as you save the settings, the project will be copied to Basecamp. If everything went well, you will see the following confirmation page in Costlocker.

Export the Project to Basecamp

This is what the newly created project looks like in Basecamp.

Basecamp view

In Basecamp, you will see the To Do lists created for the project, which correspond to the activities/roles and tasks you have created in the project budget in Costlocker.

Costlocker&Basecamp-Project overview

How a change in the project budget in Costlocker is reflected in the To Do lists in Basecamp

For example, in the course of the project we add a new person (Patricia) to the project budget in Costlocker for the Development activity.


As soon as you save this change, the following alert will appear to inform you that the change has been transcribed correctly to the project in Basecamp.

Basecamp synchronizazion

In Basecamp, you will immediately see that anew person (Patricia) was added to the To Do list for Development.

Basecamp view

It works the other way round too. For instance, if we remove the entire Development activity from the project budget in Costlocker, then after saving this change the following alert will appear in Costlocker with two options:

  1. Save the To Do list for Development in the Basecamp project.
  2. Delete the To Do list for Development in the Basecamp project as it was deleted in Costlocker.


Project is connected to Basecamp

What the connection of Costlocker and Basecamp can’t do yet

  • Two-way synchronisation, so if you add or remove something to/from the To Do list in Basecamp, this will not be transcribed back to the project budget in Costlocker.
  • Option of creating only a project name in Basecamp without a To Do list
  • Time tracking for individual To Do lists directly in Basecamp.

We would appreciate it if you wrote us to with any other suggestions for Basecamp connection functions that you would like. Thank you.