New business perspectives for your company

Kamil SkramuskýKamil Skramuský
Nov 20, 2018

When you wanted to know which of your employees earned their salary, you needed developers, our API documentation, and a few hours of work to produce a report. From now on, you can easily create the report yourself in a few clicks and have all the answers in a matter of seconds. Experimental reports will provide you with a much more detailed business overview of your company.

3 Examples of the new perspectives

1. Who earned their salary 

Business perspectives

2. The number of billable vs. non-billable hours

Billable vs non-billable hours

3. Who earned more — designers or analysts?Compare them by creating groups


How to create a group for reporting purposes?

Click on your name in the top right corner, select Settings and go to the Groups tab.


Click on Add group, write the name of the new group and click on Save.

Adding group designer

Click on the Edit button next to the name of the newly created group. This will open a screen where you can decide whether the group will include people or activities. In our example, we selected 2 people who are members of the Designers group.

Groups with persons

Now back to the experimental report. In the All People filter, select the group.

Group designers

Filtering data based on different types of projects

Filtering projects

Non-billable: Tracked hours of work on No budget projects or exceeded hours of work on paid projects (time & materials or fixed fees).

Billable: Tracked paid time that is within the project budget.

Billable & Exceeded hours: Paid work hours where the original estimate has been exceeded.

Left person hours: Projects where there are still some hours left when compared to the original estimate for the person.

Left activity hours: Projects where there are still some hours left when compared to the original estimate for people assigned to the activity.

No tracking: Projects where there has not been a single minute tracked for the people assigned.

All experimental reports have all these types of projects selected by default. For example, if you are interested only in financial results of people working on Paid Projects, select Billable in the filter.

We will be happy to go through experimental reports with you in person

Get in touch at, I will be happy to help via a shared screen.