NEW in Costlocker — the improvements of the Rates tab

Kamil SkramuskýKamil Skramuský
May 2, 2017

Rates for this project

Want to know your employee profit margins on any of your projects? Check out the improvements of the Rates tab.

See your total hourly costs per employee and compare it to how much you sell their hours for on particular projects.

This will give you a pretty good idea about whether you’re selling your work with sufficient profit margins, or whether it would be appropriate to allocate a less experienced, cheaper employee for that task.

Bug-fixes and enhancements

Validation and highlighting of empty fields in Personnel Costs and Project Expenses.

It is now possible to download a tag-filtered Timesheet into Excel.

We removed the “Duplicate project?” option when creating duplicated projects.

Duplicated projects now remember original project settings in Open it / Lock it / Finish Automatically.

It is now possible to type “ó” into the Billing text field.